What is the Commons Stack?

The Commons Stack is an open source development project, building infrastructure for the sustainable funding and management of community-driven economies. Our long term vision is to develop a new way for humans to sustainably self-organize around the management of shared resources in the physical world, allowing us to address the world's biggest problems - together. Read more
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The Commons Stack is using the latest token engineering practices to design, test and deploy template modules that will provide much-needed functionality for open-source projects in the blockchain ecosystem. You can apply now to become a member of the Commons Stack Association and support this important community initiative. Applicants should have expertise in token engineering or decentralized governance, to contribute meaningfully towards reaching community goals. Apply Now!

Core Team
Griff Green
Michael Zargham
Bernd Lapp
Jeff Emmett
Max Semenchuk
Stefaan Ponnet
Lorelei Loie
Kris Decoodt
Kay Gertler
Adam Reese
Simon de la Rouviere
Eden Dhaliwal
Jordi Baylina
Trent McConaghy
Luke Duncan
Patrick Storchenegger
Legal Council
Raphael Bauman
Legal Council
Abbey Titcomb

More Resources

You can find all the latest updates on what we are building right here. Read more on why we see the need for cyber-physical commons management, the link with Giveth's mission and how BlockScience's focus on algorithmic decision-making ties into this. Crucial components are the Augmented Bonding Curve (1) for fundraising, the Giveth DApp (2) for fund allocation, Conviction Voting (3) as a decision-making tool and an Analytics Dashboard (4) through more work on cadCAD. More coming soon!

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