With the Commons Stack, we are building a world where public goods are valued and protected by the communities that use them. Our current economic paradigm incentivizes the exploitation of the environment and systemically undervalues open-source software, open research, and every other altruistic effort to address our collective needs.

We firmly believe we can create economic systems that can counteract this effect and reward value creation that creates abundance and prosperity for the collective good, as opposed to only individual benefit. The Commons Stack is building a library of open-source blueprints for constructing these economies, breaking them up into governance, funding, the allocation of capital, and feedback components.

Today we are looking for an experienced communications lead or two complementary communication all-rounders to support our mission.

Communicating the Commons Stack to our Community

Responsibilities & accountabilities
    Communication strategy
    • Align communication plans with overall strategy & mission
    • Prepare & lead a weekly comms call with a focus on our priorities
    • Continuously work on and tweak long-term content planning
    • Write briefings for writers, designers & other media creators
    • Be the voice of the Commons Stack, facilitate bringing all content to our primary audiences via Twitter, Medium, YouTube and our website.
    • Publishing of Commons Stack related content via Twitter specifically, replying where needed, liking, and retweeting relevant content.
    • Publishing new articles on our Medium publication and keeping our Medium homepage up-to-date and well-organized
    • Editing and publishing videos on our YouTube Channel, and keeping our homepage up-to-date and well-organized
    • Maintenance of and updates to our website commonsstack.org
    Content editing
    • Unify the written voice of the Commons Stack
    • Review, rewrite and approve outward-facing content (website, medium posts, newsletters, social media)
    • Guarantee all content is easy to find & tagged correctly in all places Content writing (if not briefed to others) for our Medium publication
    Brand identity
    • Consistently represent and watch over the Commons Stack brand
    • Brief and oversee long-term design work that builds out our overall brand voice
    Community management
    • Be a knowledgeable and welcoming ambassador in our various channels
    • Engage with the community on a daily basis, stimulate the discussion by posting relevant content, a.o. our own social media posts
    • Reward contributing community members by dishing Praise on a regular basis and managing the process
    • Support and encourage the engagement of community members to helping us accomplish issues in our GitHub
    Active core team member
    • Participate actively in horizontal management during weekly and monthly team calls
    • Manage work via issues in GitHub
    • Be a brand ambassador at events and on personal social media
    • Join relevant calls in the wider ecosystem and share learning

    • If not all of the above is your cup of crypto tea that is totally okay, if a good part of this appeals to you, you should apply! Remember, we are looking for two profiles to complement each other and fill these roles.
    Work Hours & Benefits
      • Fully remote job
      • Opportunity to regularly attend team meetups during blockchain-focused events all over the world and 24/7 availability of our hacker house in Barcelona
      • The standard pay for all Commons Stack team members is 700 DAI/week, payment and accountability is done via the Giveth DApp
      Qualifications & Skills
        • Native-level English speaker
        • Impeccable copywriting and copy editing abilities
        • Demonstrated knowledge of and proficiency with communications technologies
        • Understanding of copywriting, graphic design, layout, and publishing
        • Working knowledge of content management systems, coding knowledge is a plus
        • Familiarity with social media platforms and social media marketing
        • Excellent verbal communication and presentation skills
        • An ability to prioritize and work fluidly in an ambiguous environment, flexing between strategic and tactical/hands-on tasks as needed
        • Work well in a self-management team: great personal time management, being an over-communicator, and taking & giving feedback is important in a more horizontal organization
        Education, experience, and other requirements
          • 2-plus years of experience in communications or marketing
          • Experience in the blockchain ecosystem, with a strong alignment to our mission
          • Experience managing digital content
          • Accepting pay in crypto
          Apply now!
            You can learn more about the Commons Stack and all that we do by checking out our website, joining our Telegram and following us on Twitter. If you are interested in this position, you can send your resume and motivation to info@commonsstack.org by September 30th at the latest!